Creativity – the missing link in your marketing strategy?

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Lizanne Loots
September 7, 2021
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Is marketing only about strategy and data? Creativity and the use of creative elements are a vital part of a marketing strategy. A strong marketing strategy consists of well-researched data and insights, but it should also include a creative implementation plan. Who is your audience and what will connect them to your brand? Does your target audience visit your website on a desktop or mobile device? Do they prefer creative assets with or without copy? These are all questions you need to answer to ensure your well-researched strategy can be successfully implemented.

In the digital age, consumers use electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, from the moment they wake up in the morning until right before they go to bed. They use these devices to access information, consume content, and engage with other people and brands, compare prices and catch up on emails. Information overload! The best way to combat information overload is to use creative assets to help your brand stand out, communicate, and connect with your audience.

What is creative marketing?

Creative marketing is the act of providing something that will offer your audience an inspiring experience, Bannerflow, 2021. Creative marketing includes elements such as a brand identity, brand positioning, understanding your audience, assets that can be used for social media content or to strengthen the message of a blog post with a banner design, video content, animations, and any element that appears authentic and innovative.  

A crucial part of creative marketing is to connect with the audience’s emotions while aligning with the brand’s core values.

There are also different approaches to the many types of creative marketing, these include:

  • Branding and establishing a brand identity
  • Customer and client experience
  • Advertising
  • Services and products
  • Product or service launches

Why is creative marketing important?

Marketing Week explains creativity as the oxygen in marketing. It’s vital in the way we communicate a brand’s values, marketing message, and objective. It also helps to create memorable solutions that build brands and increase conversions.

Can the creative really make or break your marketing efforts? Unfortunately, it can. If your creative marketing doesn’t resemble your brand or resonate with your ideal target audience, it won’t result in the desired sales. Not only will it have an impact on your revenue, but it can damage a brand in the long term.

Creative assets are the way a brand communicates a message and/or objective. It’s crucial that the strategy and creative implementation works in synergy.

How does it impact digital marketing?

Cut through the noise with innovative marketing. Creativity strengthens messaging. It’s also cost-effective to have strong creative elements that are memorable, rather than trying to use every marketing channel available to advertise in the hopes that someone will remember your brand.

According to Bannerflow, the correct groundwork to back up creative campaigns is to ensure that the important messaging tells a story and resonates with the intended audience.

This applies whether your creative marketing is focused on the written content or stunning banner ads. The roles of your marketing team can also work together in this way – data can be turned into a beautifully written narrative that is transformed into a captivating visual concept.

Creativity equals originality and without creativity, your brand is highly unlikely to stand out from competitors, evoke emotion, or be recalled when making a purchase decision. Creative marketing and a well-researched strategy is the recipe for a successful marketing implementation plan that will ensure results.

OMNI Creative and Digital Agency offer the perfect balance between creative and marketing. If you want to view our capabilities deck to see how we can help your brand to grow, get in touch.



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